Best USB-C Charging Cables for iPad Air 4 iMore 2022

All of Apple's latest iPad models, including the iPad Air 4, now feature USB-C charging compatibility. That means you need to invest in some new cables to charge your favorite lightweight tablet. Never fear! We've compiled a handy list of all the best USB-C charging cables for iPad Air 4 just for you.

Anker Usb C To Usb C Cable

User's choice: Anker USB-C to USB-C Cable

Staff Pick

As usual, Anker comes to the table with the right balance of quality and affordability. The Anker USB-C cable is long and durable, and it comes with a neat carry pouch that allows you to let out only the length of cord you need, keeping the rest organized and tangle free. Thousands of users agree that this is the leading USB-C cable for the price.

Usb C Charge Cable

The original: Apple USB-C Charge Cable - 1m

You simply can't go wrong with the original. We know that Apple cables are made with quality materials and they always work seamlessly with our Apple devices. This cable is not the cheapest, but it's not the most expensive either.

Usb C Charge Cable 2 M

The original, only longer: Apple USB-C Charge Cable - 2m

If you enjoy the reliability of an Apple original but you prefer a longer charging cable, it is also offered in a two-meter length. Surprisingly, even though it's a longer cable, it's the same price as the one-meter version.

Belkin Boostcharge Usb C To Usb C Cable

Durable, fast charging: Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE USB-C Cable

Here's a high-quality cable from Belkin that promises faster charging and longer durability due to its tightly woven aramid fibers. This cable is four feet long; it comes in white, black, and even pink! For performance and materials, this is one of the best USB-C charging cables for iPad Air 4.

Chafon Usb C Fast Charging Cable

Most versatile: CHAFON USB-C Multi Charging Cable

Now here's an extra useful charging cable. Not only does it come with the USB-C connections you need to charge your iPad Air 4, but this multifunctional cable also includes USB-A, lightning, and micro-USB connectors to provide power for all of your different devices.

$13 at Amazon
Right Angle Usb C To C Cable Aukey

The right angle: Aukey Right Angle USB-C Cable

If your charging cables tend to bend and break, check out the right angle connector on this Aukey USB-C cable. It keeps the charging connector flush against the device and leads the cable off to one side. This makes for less bending and breaking. It also keeps cables more organized.

$17 at Amazon
Amazonbasics Usb Type C

Budget buy: AmazonBasics USB-C Short Charger Cable

Amazon's own brand is known for its efficient, low-cost accessories. The AmazonBasics USB-C cable is an extra short, no-nonsense cable that works well at a very low price.

$7 at Amazon
Nomad Usb C Charger

Upgrade pick: Nomad USB-C Cable

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this super-tough Kevlar cable from Nomad. Not only is it designed to withstand a lot of rough usages, but it's also the fastest charging cable around, pushing through up to 100W of power!


Now that most of our devices are upgrading to USB-C, you'll want to invest in a few of these best USB-C charging cables for iPad Air 4. Our pick, along with many other users, is the Anker USB-C cable for its reliability and reasonable price point. We also love that it comes with a convenient little carry pouch to keep it safe and organized.

If you're rough on your cables, however, you may want to go for a more expensive, high-quality Kevlar cable like this one made by Nomad. You can't beat Nomad for finely made accessories. Choose the best cable to suit your budget and lifestyle so you'll always have that iPad Air powered up and ready.

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