Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro in grassSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

What you need to know

  • MKBHD has completed this year's blind smartphone camera test.
  • 16 phones were inlcluded with iPhone 11 Pro one of them.
  • Apple's phone failed in the first round, beaten out by the OnePlus 7T Pro.

YouTuber Marques "MKBHD" Brownlee has once again completed an annual blind smartphone camera test to see which photos people thought were better. To do that multiple images were taken from 16 different phones with people voting for the best image via Instagram and Twitter. Each round, two phones were put up against each other with the loser eliminated.

And that's where things went wrong, immediately, for iPhone 11 Pro. The phone was duking it out with the OnePlus 7T Pro when taking photos of Brownlee outside. That's a situation where you might expect iPhone 11 Pro to win out. But it didn't, with the resulting image appearing very much on the blue side. When the blue tinge is taken away, things look much better. Unfortunately for Apple, that meant the OnePlus 7T Pro took that round easily.

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iPhone camera test resultsSource: MKBHD

With iPhone 11 Pro out for the count, the tests continued with Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Plus ultimately coming out on top.

However, it isn't so much the result that's interesting here. But rather why the phones that won actually gained so many votes – none of the polls were close with one phone winning convincingly each time. Just as was the case last year it's clear that voters chose the brightest, most colorful images when making their decisions. As Brownlee noted, they also chose images that had less bokeh effect because they felt that the sharper images were better.

Be sure to check the full video out to see how things went down, especially if you're at all interested in learning how people made these kinds of decisions when voting. Often it isn't actually the best photo that wins. Just the one that catch the eye most.