Boost Mobile to offer iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s and 5c starting November 8th

Prepaid wireless carrier Boost Mobile announced Friday plans to offer the full range of current iPhone models starting a week from today, on Friday, November 8th. This is the first time Boost Mobile has made the iPhone available to its customers. iPhones will be available through the Boost Mobile web site and at Boost Mobile stores nationwide.

Boost Mobile is offering the iPhone 5s in its 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions for $549.99, $649.99 and $749.99 respectively; the iPhone 5c comes in 16 GB and 32 GB versions for $449.99 and $649.99 respectively. The iPhone 4s will cost $299.99.

Eagle-eyed readers may note that the 16 GB iPhone 5c models, iPhone 5s models and the iPhone 4s will be available through Boost Mobile for significantly less than the retail price at Apple's retail stores - $100 less for the iPhone 5c and $150 less for the iPhone 4s. These devices are unsubsidized, so that's a flat cost, but bear in mind that these phones are locked to the CDMA network Boost Mobile uses, so you may not be able to repurpose them for use on other wireless carriers' networks later.

All the iPhone models are available on Boost Mobile's no-contract $55 "Monthly Unlimited" plan, which includes unlimited nationwide talk and text and unlimited data, though only the first 2.5 GB of that data each month is high-speed. (Boost Mobile also limits "adaptive protocol video" to 3G speeds.) Customers who pay their bills on time for six months qualify to have their payments reduced by $5, eventually reducing their monthly rate to $40 a month.

Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint, so the iPhone models are designed to work on Sprint's 4G LTE network where it's available. Here's a nationwide map of Boost Mobile's coverage:

Check Boost Mobile's coverage map for details about your specific area to get a better sense of how the phones may work for you.

Is the $100 - $150 off an iPhone 5c or a iPhone 4s an enticement for you? Are you currently a Boost Mobile customer? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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