CableJive shipping Lightning to 30-pin dock adaptor cable, lets you use your speaker dock or car audio system with your iPhone 5

When Apple changed the dock connector on the latest iPhone 5, new iPod touch and new iPod nano there was a lot or controversy over the decision mainly due to incompatibility problems with with expensive speaker docks and car audio systems. Thankfully the guys at CableJive are right on the ball as usual and are already shipping a solution to the problem.

So you love your brand new iPod or iPhone 5, but you wish you could use it with your old 30-pin iPod docking station or car stereo system, right? We've got just the solution for you! Introducing our dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit. Combine this kit with the Lightning-to-USB cable that came with your new iDevice, and you'll be able to charge and listen to audio from your Lightning-compatible iPod or iPhone through any iPod 30-pin docking station or system.

The dockBoss+ cable has a female USB port on one end which is where you connect in your own Lightning cable; this enables charging of your iPhone 5. The other end has a female dock connector which you clip into your speaker dock or dock connector cable from your car kit. If your equipment supports direct digital audio input, which a lot of high end speaker systems do then that’s all you need to do. Your iPhone 5 will be charging and playing back high quality music through your dock. If your equipment doesn't support digital audio input CableJive has you covered there too. Simply plug the supplied 3.5mm audio patch cable into your iPhone 5 and plug the other end into the dockBoss+ adaptor and now you will have music playback and charging.

The dockBoss+ iPhone 5 kit is already available from CableJive and costs $29.95 plus shipping. CableJive have some really interesting products to make your life easier and are certainly worth checking out. When Apple changed the charging pins on the 30-pin dock connector a few years ago, CableJive were the first with an in-line adaptor which prolonged the life of my car audio interface by a few years and saved me a lot of money.

Do you like the look of CableJive’s dockBoss+ iPhone 5 kit? Will you be picking one up to prolong the life of your current speaker dock or car audio interface?

Source: CableJive


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