Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo unveil new voice and data plans just in time for the iPhone 5 release

With preorders for the newly announced iPhone 5 off and running, folks in Canada may have noticed their carriers taking their sweet time to roll out new plans to go with it. While many of the carriers already offered 6GB data plans for fairly reasonable prices, they've now gone ahead and sweetened the deal by offering voice, data and other features to encourage you to give them your hard earned cash. That includes Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin Mobile and Koodo. This according to Mobile Syrup, who also say Fido will be unveiling their new offerings come next week.

All carriers have set their pricing pretty much on par with each other. So, it becomes a question of coverage, customer service, and additional add-ons that may win folks over.


  • $73 6GB Plan (Promo is in-market from September 14th – September 30th)
  • 200 minutes
  • My10 Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Unlimited Evenings and Weekends starting at 6PM
  • 6 GB of LTE shareable data


  • Fab 10 Promo 73 with 6GB of data for $73/month
  • 6GB of data
  • 10 hours of Mobile TV
  • 200 anytime minutes
  • Weekends and evenings starting at 6pm
  • Unlimited nationwide Fab 10 calling
  • Unlimited text, picture & video messaging


  • “Promo Voice and Data 75″ for $75/month
  • 200 local time minutes
  • Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling
  • Unlimited local Early Nights and Weekends starting at 6PM
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messages
  • Unlimited Nationwide talk and text messaging with your 10 Favourite Numbers
  • Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • Unlimited local calling for 1 month
  • 6 GB of data

Virgin Mobile

  • “Smartphone 75 – 6GB” for $75/month
  • 200 Anytime Minutes
  • Weekends & Evenings starting at 6PM
  • Unlimited Canada, U.S. & International Text & Picture Messaging
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk & Text to 10 Buddies
  • 6GB of Data
  • Effective Monday, September 17th plan will include “Visual Voicemail for iPhone & BlackBerry, Voicemail 10 & Call Display”

Koodo Mobile

  • $65/month
  • Up to 150 Anytime Minutes
  • 6GB data
  • Canada-wide Calling
  • Call Display and Voicemail
  • Unlimited Evenings and Weekend, starting at 5PM
  • Unlimited Text & Picture messaging
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling, Call Waiting and Conference Calling

Source: Mobile Syrup

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