CARROT Weather has been one of the top weather apps for years, and it seems each update the developers put out, the better it gets.

Today, CARROT released a new update (version 4.5) with a few really cool upgrades that should make the all of humans very happy; here's a quick rundown of all the changes.

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What's new with CARROT Weather

As CARROT would say itself "listen up meatbags; here's the scoop."

Achievements: That's right, now not only will CARROT taunt you on the daily, the robot has 32 different challenges — such as "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" that you can unlock. You can also choose to ignore them, but don't be surprised if CARROT gives you an earful.

Alternate App Icons: My personal favorite part of the update, CARROT now will give you some options of different app icons to use for CARROT Weather, so you can personalize how your version looks on your Home Screen.

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More Secret Locations: Hunting for the secret locations in the CARROT Weather app is fun and now the secret locations have a whole new dedicated section in the app. They added even more locations to find, so get out there and start hunting!

Of course, CARROT Weather also made a few improvements under the hood, checked the tires, and filled up the tank with gas, etc. If you want to see the full list for yourself head over the App Store

CARROT does updates right

I mentioned before, the development team behind CARROT Weather has been incredible and making the app better and better with each update it releases. Whether it's big or small changes, each update is cause for celebration. Just look at how much Serenity Caldwell about the last CARROT update.

CARROT Weather is a fantastic app through and through, so if you're in the mood for a weather app, make sure you check it out!

$4.99 - Download Now

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