CARROT Weather updated with Apple Watch complications, 3D Touch quick actions

Popular smack-talking weather app, CARROT Weather, has been updated with support foriOS 9 and watchOS 2. Coming in this update is support for 3D Touch quick actions, for those of you getting your hands on an iPhone 6s this week, along with the addition of complications on Apple Watch with watchOS 2. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in CARROT Weather:

  • Apple Watch Complication: Now all you have to do is raise your wrist to check the weather! My watch face complication not only tells you what the weather's like right now, but also how it's going to change over the next few hours. Upgrade to premium to unlock hourly updates, rain prediction, and a second "bonus" complication that displays wind data. (Requires watchOS 2.)
  • 3D Touch Quick Actions: I'm all about efficiency, so now you can force press my app icon from the Home screen to quickly search for a new location or bring up one of your saved locations. (Requires iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.)
  • 2 New Secret Locations: Because I'm a generous weatherbot, I'll give you a hint for each. The first can only be unlocked using my time travel feature while the second is a city in North Takoma.

CARROT Weather also now includes handoff support, so you can browse the weather on one device and pick up where you left off on another. If you'd like to check out the complications on your Apple Watch and hunt for the new secret locations, you can hit up the App Store link below to grab the latest update to CARROT Weather.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster