China Mobile iPhone deal looks on as first reservation pages go live

A deal for China Mobile to sell the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c has looked pretty much a certainty for a while now, and it seems that reservations are already being taken. Philip Elmer-Dewitt first reported on it for Fortune:

The attached screen grab comes from a website owned by a subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (CHL) in Suzhou, a city of 5 million just west of Shanghai. The site went live late Monday local time, when it began taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

While there still remains no official announcement from either Apple or from China Mobile, this is the first hard evidence that a deal between the two has in fact been agreed. China Mobile is the worlds largest carrier with 740 million subscribers, and would be another box ticked in Apple's iPhone portfolio.

China Mobile is announcing something on December 18, a new brand for its mobile services. Nothing ties an iPhone announcement to this, but it seems things in China might be progressing.

Source: Fortune

Richard Devine

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