Comic: Privacy is Both a Value and a *Value*

hah! only an apple fanboy would say that. at least i know what im paying.

iphones cost more, but at least were not giving up our privacy

yet apple still only gives you five gigs of free icloud storage. again, at least i know how im getting ripped off.

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Rich Stevens

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  • So, limit what Google gets on you or install Lineage without GooglePlay and all? Not to mention Apple's anti-repair garbage and the way they don't let you install Linux even after allowing unsigned OSes on the T2 chip thing. You can limit what Google gets. Apple is 1, working with China and giving them access to all the iCloud data stored for Chinese users*, and 2, 100% closed source, so you can't verify *ANY* of their privacy claims. Further, Apple is the one that bakes Spybook into the settings of the phone so I can't remove it. Edit: Not to mention, on iOS I can't block an app from going online, but I can with NetGuard on Android. I can't give an app a permission temporarily on iOS, but I can on Android with Bouncer. I can't install an app in a sandbox on iOS, but I can on Android with Shelter. Privacy is relative, since you can't verify anything with closed-source OSes.
  • Anti-repair has nothing to do with privacy, but I do agree it's garbage. Apple isn't working with China, and plenty of companies make Closed Source software, it's called making money out of something you've worked on. Facebook lies dormant in the Settings app, unless you want to use it, which many people do as many people use Facebook, but if you don't want to use it, your phone has no connection to Facebook apart from a silly icon in settings. You can't disable internet access from an app on iOS because you're using a smartphone and not a ******* brick. Put your phone in airplane mode if you're wearing this level of tinfoil hat, or just buy a dumbphone. I can't ever see a use case of having "temporary" permission access, again this is a tinfoil hat problem. All apps in iOS are already sandboxed. Certain apps on Android (Google services) are closed source. Core Android is open-source, but most people are using it with Google services integrated.
  • Lets ask all of the celebs who's photos leaked out about apple/iphone and their privacy shall we? That's just one example. Hey, I guess at least they know how they are getting exploited right?
  • "The images were initially believed to have been obtained via a breach of Apple's cloud services suite iCloud, or a security issue in the iCloud API which allowed them to make unlimited attempts at guessing victims' passwords. However, access was later revealed to have been gained via spear phishing attacks." No privacy issues here, just stupid celebrities (who's shocked?)