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Cut the Rope for iPhone is a simple, yet challenging strategy type game.  Your little frog Om Nom wants candy.  The candy is hanging from random ropes with all kinds of obstacles in the way.  Your job is to find a way to cut the strings in the right order to get the candy into Om Nom's mouth.  You'll also need to collect stars on the way down.  The more stars you collect and the quicker you complete a level, the more points and achievements you'll earn.

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Cut the Rope will also tie into Game Center so you can track your achievements and share them with your friends. You also have the option to use Crystal if you choose to. The premise of the game is dead easy, but actually completing levels gets pretty challenging along the way. New enemies pop up, stars start to disappear if you aren't getting to them quick enough, and then there's the spiders, who steal your candy if you aren't quick enough! As of now there are 4 worlds to play through - cardboard box, fabric box, foil box, and gift box.

In order to unlock different boxes, you'll need to collect a certain amount of stars to gain access to that world. The developers also note after the 4th box that there are more levels coming. Some of the levels you can blaze through but collecting the stars makes it a bit more difficult. I've been trying to get all 3 stars within each level, which proves somewhat difficult after you get a good way into the 2nd box.

As you get further into the game, you'll start to encounter new enemies out to steal Om Nom's candy. You'll also have more obstacles and more gestures to learn. Some levels will require cutting ropes simultaneously or in rapid succession to avoid breaking your candy or letting it fall. Overall, the difficulty level is decent and the length of the game is good for the price you're paying. I haven't played through all the levels yet, but I'm already eager to see the developer add more.

If you're in the market for a good strategy type game that requires a little thinking, this may be a good option. It'll keep you busy for a reasonable amount of time for the price. If you've already picked this up, let us know what you think in the comments!


  • Game Center Integration
  • Difficulty increases at good rate
  • Easy to learn controls and gestures


  • More levels would be nice

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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