DOOORS for iPhone review: A great puzzle game for fans of Crimson Room

DOOORS for iPhone is a puzzle game that requires some thinking and a good eye in order to get you through one door and on to another. Anyone who has ever played Crimson Room will most likely find DOOORS vaguely familiar. Each door opens differently and you'll have to figure out how by using the clues you're given each round.

DOOORS currently features 62 different levels where you'll need to gain access to the next room in order to advance. Each room will look different and contain different clues on how to unlock the door that's currently in front of you. Along the way you can find items under plants, in corners, and other places that you'll use to help open certain doors. A hint to how to open the next door may sometimes lie in what tools in your tray are available to you in that level.

While some levels, particularly the first few, are pretty basic and easy to clear, each stage will then progressively get a little more trickier. I've spent some time racking my brain on a few before finally figuring out how to unlock the door in front of me.

Once you've started playing DOOORS, you can return to the main menu and jump back to any level you've already unlocked. Ones that you haven't gotten to yet won't be available until you've cleared to that point.

The good

  • Quite a few levels to work through with 62 total as of this article
  • Some are tricky enough to keep you thinking for a good while

The bad

  • No way to remove ads, an in-app purchase option would be nice

The bottom line

DOOORS is a great game for wasting time and something anyone who remembers playing Crimson Room will enjoy. I've found myself racking my brain on a level only to leave it and come back to it later. I've yet to clear all the levels almost a week later so you'll most likely get a decent amount of game play time before finishing. If puzzles are for you, you'll enjoy working your way through all the levels DOOORS can throw at you.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.