Sometimes, you just want to crank up your screen brightness, watch a bunch of YouTube videos at full volume, and have apps refreshing in the background. That's okay, but it often means you're turning on Low Power Mode before you're even halfway done with the day. The EasyAcc iPhone XS Battery Case gives you a way to fully charge your phone with zero cables, dongles, adapters, or other nonsense. Today you can get it at 50% off using coupon code 5XPT7JIN during checkout at Amazon. That $18 price tag is the best we've shared for this product. It'll also work flawlessly if you have an iPhone X. You can either spend at least $25 or use your Amazon Prime membership to get complimentary shipping.

Double Up

EasyAcc 5000mAh Battery Charger Case (iPhone XS)

Charge your iPhone X or iPhone XS on the go with this easy-to-use case. It'll provide protection and double your battery life, meaning you can kiss Low Power Mode goodbye. Be sure to enter the coupon code to save!

$18.49 $36.99 $19 off

With coupon: 5XPT7JIN

This case is really easy to use. Once you switch it on, it'll charge your phone wirelessly, leaving your Lightning port free to use for data syncing or headphone adapting. You can charge the case itself wirelessly or use the included USB-C cable to top it off. It has a 5000mAh capacity, meaning it can charge your phone once before needing to be recharged itself.

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The case is protective, too. It has rugged corners and a raised frame to keep everything safe in the event of a drop. Some people might find it a bit bulky, but that's often the tradeoff if you want a case that can charge your phone.

The iPhone 2019 event is coming up fast, meaning we'll likely see prices on models like the iPhone XS drop in the next few weeks. If you plan on upgrading, picking up this case now is a smart idea, because once it's gone there's no telling when it'll return.

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