EE introduces 'Swap,' may help you get that new iPhone 5S

British carrier EE has today announced a new service called 'Swap' that will help frequent phone buyers upgrade mid-contract. The timing couldn't be better, either, as it will launch on September 17, a few days before we expect Apple to release the iPhone 5s for sale.

EE customers who are 6-months or more into their current contract will be able to return their existing device, pay a one-off fee and walk away with a shiny new phone on a new contract. The one-off payments range from £49 up to £299 and depend upon how much your monthly tariff is. But, if you picked up an iPhone 5 last year at launch, this could be a slightly lower cost way to get a new iPhone 5s in a couple of weeks.

The choice of eligible phones is quite limited, but the iPhone 5 is one of them, and there are also some selected Android devices included too, should you be thinking about switching. Any EE iPhone 5 owners thinking of jumping on this?

Source: EE

Richard Devine

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