EverClip for iPad review

EverClip for iPad is an app that allows you to clip various things from across the internet as well as many third party apps. Once you've clipped it, you can launch EverClip and automatically send it straight to your Evernote account right from your iPad. This can include links, any amount of text, images, and more. If you like to keep track of things in your Evernote account, EverClip can make getting the content there even easier.

The premise of EverClip is simple enough. You'll first be asked to link the app to your Evernote account and from there you're ready to start clipping. You can launch any app that allows you to copy text and images to your clipboard. This includes Safari, Mail, Photos, and pretty much any third party app. There are some apps that are a little painful but not many. For example, Facebook doesn't allow you to natively copy photos so you'll have to save them to your camera roll and copy them from there. It may be a little annoying, but it's workable. This isn't a limitation of EverClip, but of Facebook itself. You may come across this scenario with some third party apps but most allow you to copy content so it isn't an issue that'll present itself frequently.

Once you've copied an item you'd like to save in EverClip to your clipboard, just launch the app and you'll see it automatically appear. Tapping on it will show you its contents and the clip in its entirety. From here you can easily export it to your Evernote account by tapping on the share button in the upper right hand corner. You can also tap the edit button and a new menu will appear in the lower right hand corner that allows you to manually add media or text notes.

EverClip remains aware of what you're copying if you have it opened and running in the multitasking tray, when you copy an item you'll automatically hear a sound that indicates that it's been copied to EverClip. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. If you're copying text or media for another purpose that you may not want in EverClip, you'll have to delete it or remember to close EverClip when you're done. If you clip a lot of things you want, it may be a good thing. You'll just need to remember to close it out when you don't want it saving copied items.

The good

  • Great interface that makes it easy to find content quickly
  • Import to Evernote is fast and images format correctly when imported
  • Copies items in the background when you have EverClip running in the multitasking tray

The bad

  • You'll have to remember to close EverClip out from the multitasking tray when you aren't using it or everything will be copied, it's a good thing and a bad thing
  • Apps like Facebook don't allow copy so you'll have to save to your camera roll and then copy to clip in EverClip

The bottom line

EverClip is a great buy for anyone who routinely needs to save content to Evernote. Instead of manually copying and pasting into new notes, EverClip can do the heavy lifting for you. The persistent background copying could be an issue for some users but it's somewhat of a double edged sword. You may end up copying things you don't mean to but for convenience, to take it away could hinder some users.

For what it is, EverClip works great and imports content accurately and efficiently. Users that depend on Evernote heavily for importing information will find it more than a worthwhile purchase.

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • everclip sounds like a good idea but it also reminds me of pinterest
  • I started to buy the app, but don't want to have to keep remembering to close the app when not using. I'm not sure I will use enough to pay 5.99 for the app. I wish it was a universal app for 5.99. Then it would be worth it.
  • I don't like the fact that I have to constantly close it. Maybe make it so it closes itself on lock or timed interval. Also it reminds me of pinterest so it really doesn't do anything for me.
  • The article is misleading.
    EverClip is closing itself after 10 min running in background, so it is not necessary to close it manually.
    If you keep copying to clipboard within 10 minutes the items, and you don't want to use them in EverClip, it's better
    to close EverClip from the multitasking tray. Alternatively you will need to clean everClip list of clips by deleting not required items.
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  • I'm a diehard Evernote user, but was skeptical about this app. Gonna have to try it out now.
  • Love to hear you thoughts after use.
  • It sounds like an app that I'd buy, use for a couple of months, and then forget about. It's not the apps fault, just mine...
  • Sounds great but not for $5.99. I use Evernote all the time, mostly for work and absolutely love it. But I'm not going to pay that much for the ability to copy and past content.
  • EverClip is a very useful tool. It has a great feature to include URLs in the clip, when copied from browser.
    It has a potential to consider EverClip as general ClipBoard Manager instead of only EverNote extension.
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    https://getsatisfaction.com/ignition/topics/allow_to_choose_format_locat... and https://getsatisfaction.com/ignition/topics/highlight_an_ability_to_incl...
  • I previously used an old version of EverClip. It worked very good (back in 2013), but they discontinued to support it and introduced new Everclip 2. I bought a new one, but unfortunately the new version doesn't work as old one. It doesn't support urls, as version 1 did .Urls are not copied with clip and cannot be copied alone.
    I contacted the support and they acknowledged, that the required functionality is not available in a new version., The new version is useless for me.