Evernote pushes for better passwords with 1Password integration

Evernote, the popular note-taking application for iOS, Mac and many other platforms, has been updated to support 1Password's popular iOS App Extension.

The feature, which was added alongside iOS 8 in 2014, gives developers the tools to create extensions that allow sandboxed apps — in short, all apps on iOS — to communicate with one another without endangering user privacy or platform security.

1Password's App Extension is one of the platform's most popular, supported by over 100 developers. For Evernote users, this means the option of tapping the small 1Password insignia upon entering the app to allow auto-filling of usernames and passwords. According to Evernote's head of security, Rich Tener, "You should use a unique password for each service you use."

Evernote's blog post goes into why it chose to integrate with 1Password:

Humans are not good at remembering hundreds of passwords. Password vaults like 1Password provide a way for you to create very strong, random and unique passwords for every password-protected application or service you use."AgileBits gave us a simple, well-documented API to add this powerful feature," says Chuck Pletcher, Director, iOS product management. "The developer who worked on this project, Mike Greiner, budgeted about half a week for this project, but he had it completed before lunch the first day. It took longer to make a demo video than it took to build the integration."

Other popular iOS apps that support 1Password's App Extension include Slack, Tweetbot, LINE, Day One, and eBay. You can grab Evernote's update with 1Password support from the App Store now.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader is a Senior Editor at iMore, offering his Canadian analysis on Apple and its awesome products. In addition to writing and producing, Daniel regularly appears on Canadian networks CBC and CTV as a technology analyst.