Everything Everywhere to announce new, possibly LTE network in the UK on September 11, the day before iPhone 5...

U.K. carrier Everything Everywhere, the amalgam of Orange and T-Mobile U.K., has just announced a special event for Tuesday, September 11, the day before Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5. Alex Dobie of our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central, scored an invitation:

[The event will] likely to bring details of EE's upcoming 4G LTE network. Today's invite mentions that the company will be showing off its "new brand and the latest innovation in network technology." That'll be EE's recently-greenlit 1800MHz 4G network, then.

iMore previously reported that the next iPhone would include 4G LTE networking. The U.K. has struggled to launch an LTE network, with repeated delays in their spectrum auction keeping most carriers far behind the U.S. in terms of rollout. Everything Everywhere has worked out a clever way around that.

If Apple decides to support 4G LTE on bands and segments that work on Everything Everywhere, the U.K. could be in for two great days next week.

Android Central will be covering the event live from London on September 11.

Source: Android Central

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