Everything you need to prepare yourself for a Pride Parade

Pride parade
Pride parade (Image credit: @tbilletpro / Unsplash)

Whether you're attending your first Pride Parade or marching in your 10th, there are some essentials you'll need in order to be prepared. Of course you'll want to show your pride in rainbow-emblazed clothing and accessories, but you'll also need some practical gear to be comfortable for hours on your feet out in the sun so you can focus on the festivities.

What are the absolute essentials?

Pride parades generally happen in June, and in the Northern Hemisphere, that usually means summer heat. Dressing for the weather is of utmost importance if you want to enjoy the festivities for hours.

I don't go anywhere where there's sun without a hat. Direct sunlight is a migraine trigger for me, so the 2040USA Rainbow Baseball Cap would top my own list. Even with sunglasses on, the extra shade provided by the hat is a must for me. I also tend to get sunburnt, since I don't always remember to re-apply sunblock as often as I should, and this hat would keep the sun off the majority of my sensitive face. I think this hat is so cute with its happy little rainbow and I love that it comes in different colors so you're not limited to black or white. It's a unisex hat that anyone of any gender would feel comfortable in.

Keeping my phone secure is a must, and so a good belt bag like the SoJourner Bags Belt Bag would also be essential. Fanny packs are having a big fashion moment right now, and this rainbow-striped bag is too sweet to pass up. Having different zippered compartments is so convenient, and this bag is just-right sized to carry many other essentials, such as snacks, sunblock, and a backup battery charger.

At a recent parade, one of my colleagues met a number of friendly participants from other countries who didn't speak English. She was so glad she had a translator app on her phone. Google Translate and iTranslate are two excellent choices.

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