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What you need to know

  • Facebook has a new Apple Watch app out.
  • Kit is like Messenger, but for close friends.
  • Because why have one app when you can have two?

Facebook has a new Apple Watch app out. Called Kit, the app is designed for those who want a new way to talk to their close friends. When the already available Messenger app just won't cut it. For some reason. Oh, and Kit apparently means "Keep in Touch." Cute.

The app comes out of Facebook's NPE Team which makes it experimental. Whether that makes you want to use it more, or less, I'll leave that up to you. As spotted by TechCrunch, the app is new and hasn't ranked on any App Store charts so far. But being Apple Watch-only, it might not anyway.

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So what's Kit for? That's a good question. Over to Kit's App Store entry.

Kit makes keeping in contact from your watch easy. Everything you need to compose a message is just one tap away. No more struggling to navigate a tiny screen to find the right option.

Because Kit is an Apple Watch affair, signing in involves using a QR code rather than the usual username and password combo. There's more to look forward to as well.


  1. Onboarding: Log in by scanning a QR code on your watch, or by entering an access code at
  2. Contact selection: Select a Messenger connection from your suggested and recent contacts with one click. Tap on "Change Contact" in the settings page to switch.
  3. Sending a message: Send a message with one tap via audio recording, emoji, location sharing, scribble, or dictation input.
  4. Receiving Messages: Swipe to see your contact's messages on the right.
  5. Notifications: Receive and respond to notifications from your top Messenger contact.

If all of that tickles your curiosity bone, you can download Kit for free from the App Store now. But remember, there's no iPhone app – this is all Apple Watch, all the Time.

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