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What you need to know

  • The Facebook app now supports multitasking on the iPad.
  • Support brings features like Split View and Slide Over.
  • Users must have an iPad that supports iPadOS in other to use the features.

The Facebook app for iPad has been missing a couple of key features for years now, but it appears that wait is finally over. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the company has added multitasking support to its iPad app.

"Facebook has finally added multitasking support to its official iPadOS app in the latest update available. While users can have two apps running simultaneously side by side on iPad since iOS 9, the Facebook app wasn't compatible with these features until now."

The presence of the feature was practically discovered by accident, as Facebook did not mention the new support for multitasking in its update notes.

"The release of an update compatible with multitasking on iPad came as a surprise since Facebook didn't comment on anything that had changed in version 269.0 of the iOS app. Now the app works with both Split Screen and Slide Over."

The update brings support for both Split View and Slide Over to the Facebook app on iPadOS. Split View allows users to open up the Facebook app next to another app at the same time. Slide Over allows the Facebook app to be used overtop another app without having to leave the main app you are working in.

You can download the Facebook app on the App Store for free. The multitasking features require your iPad to support iPadOS.

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