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Facebook App: An iPhone vs. Droid Quick Comparison

I'm a big Facebook user, and I'm guessing many of you are as well, given the interest in our Facebook for iPhone posts. Well, I was able to spend a little time with the Droid in a Verizon store on launch day, and while I wouldn't call this a full-blown comparison, it is a quick overview of some of the similarities and differences I noticed between their Facebook applications.

The setup is a little different than the iPhone. For starters, it was reminiscent of the Palm Pre; the Droid will sync your contacts to your address book. After the initial setup, I was eager to get started using the app.

At first facebook for droid looks like its iPhone cousin; very familiar news feed page. After that however, is where the similarities start to diverge. Let us take it back a step. The facebook app has a "launcher' page with News Feed, Friends, etc. The Droid app is missing Inbox.Yup. You read right. There is no Inbox on the Droid app. Ok, moving on...

So, like on the iPhone, the Droid shows links in posts and status updates. So, I went to click on a link one of my friend's posted web links and it took me directly to their profile. Odd. I then tried to click on the post again and it created a circle. Conclusion with links? It appears you cannot launch them from the Droid app. Hard to believe, I am sure.

I was also unable to switch between News Feed, Pages, Status Updates and custom groups I created. I am not saying there is not a way to do this, but I could not figure it out and the Verizon representative was less than helpful. It displayed News Feed in the top-right corner, but it was tiny and I could not find a way to switch with the brief amount of time I had with the device.

Oh, and one more thing: the app seems to cache really well, but also does not seem to refresh on launch; there is no refresh button and shake to refresh does not work like on the iPhone. So, I walked away unimpressed, but I can't believe the Droid suffers from all of these short comings. I am looking forward to clarification and inquiries in the comments!

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  • First off I own an Iphone and the Droid. I will have to admit the Iphone does have a more robust facebook app(even though the extra feed group I can do with out). I feel with the popularity of Android growing exponentially (I know six people in my small circle getting Andriod Phones), the pontential for both apps growth and more firmware updates are inevitable. Don't get me wrong I think the Iphone is an amazing phone; however, AT&T has LIED to many time about upgrading network in my area for stay loyal. Verizon had a bad reputation of crippling phones but if you objectively look at their data-rich phone line, they have less crapware than any other carrier. I already see several Iphone non-game apps ported to Andriod.
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  • Watch out LEEIII...people don't take to kindly to criticizing the iPhone and the shit network it's on. They'll defend it no matter what!
  • i am not offended by any post on this blog. this is a iphone fanboys site. i just like reading from both ends of the spectrum. it gives me proper perspective.
  • I agree with LEEIII,
    As I clicked on this blog, I already knew since this is a iPhone fanboys website, that these comments and even the author, to a certain extent, will be bias. However, I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say too about any iPhone topic.
    Note: I have the Original iPhone since day one when it came out, but that doesn't mean I don't like other phones and I that doesn't mean I think the iPhone is the best in every aspect.
  • The iPhone Facebook app is well over a year old and has seen many more updates than the Android Facebook app that launched a two months. What do you expect? Being that they aren't written by the same party it only makes sense that the iPhone version is much better, its had much more time to improve. Some of you Apple lovers are trying too hard.
  • Meant to say launched two months ago.
  • I was at a phone kiosk a year or so ago at our local mall...someone left their facebook logged in on a demo phone....I will just say I bet that guy was getting some weird looks from his friends later that day. Just had to share that. Haha
  • @thedude Watch out we don't take to kindly of trolls like yourself either.
  • I'm a current iPhone user, well soon to be Droid user. I love the iPhone, hate AT&T tho...but if I remember correctly when I got my 3GS just back in July the iPhone facebook app didn't impress me one bit (I was coming from a blackberry which at the time at a far superior facebook app). I'm confident the Droid will catch up.
  • @macboy15
    Mmmmm, thanks for the food! Hahaha
  • Chad, you might want to look up the definition of the word "viscous". It doesn't mean what you think it means.
  • LEEIII, you have both phones and have used both apps, yet you start talking about how the AT&T network sucks. We can get that from any random no-lifer that comes on here to say the iPhone sucks, yet hangs out at this site all the time.
    Can you expand on the actual topic? Is there something he's missing? Is it really unable to switch between news feeds, status updates, etc, or have you done so and he just doesn't know how? You're in a unique position to enlighten, so please do, instead of wasting our time with things any random troll can (and inevitably will) do in the comments of every post, like bash the AT&T network. It's not great in all it...let's move on.
  • @Stuart
    That was a typo, should have been vicious! Updated, thanks!
  • iPhone > *
  • I don't know where everyone is getting the iPhone facebook app is well over a year old. The new app just came out. Unless your talkig abou it having facebook in general. But the newer app is 100 times better than the older app and an even newer app has already been submitted to the app store.
    I just can't get over Verizon habit the audacity to release a phone that doesn't work on their 4G network 2 months before they turn the new network on. Locked for the next 2 years into a technology that may not even be around that long. The people that actually buy it for a phone and not just a hobby really got screwed. The people that bought it for a hobby. When they already have an iPhone and they replace phones every few months. It doesn't matter in that case. But it's a total ripoff when it's nit 4G capable.
  • So, like on the iPhone, the Droid shows links in posts and status updates. So, I went to click on a link one of my friend’s posted web links and it took me directly to their profile. Odd. I then tried to click on the post again and it created a vicious circle. Conclusion with links? It appears you cannot launch them from the Droid app. Hard to believe, I am sure.
    if you click and hold on links... they do launch.
  • "if you click and hold on links… they do launch." Not on my Android (1.6/Donut) mytouch 3G. :(
  • Amazing that there is no inbox on the facebook application for Droid. Yes, you can create a shortcut from the web to get around the problem, but that's pretty inconvenient. It's an astounding oversight. They'd better fix it. It's embarrassing for them.
  • I've not been able to find an inbox on my droid but i haven't received a message yet to see how the Droid handles them. To switch from news feed to other options you hit the menu button then select home, and you see the pretty much the same page the iPhone app shows you. The droid app has a widget which is working sporadically on my Droid. It shows the latest status updates and allows you to update your status all from your home page without opening the app itself. I haven't seen a link lately but I watched videos that were linked without a problem. Hopefully an update comes soon for the widget and the inbox.
  • I forgot to add to refresh on the Droid you hit the menu button and select refresh. There's an auto sync option that will refresh it on it's own tho.
  • I would appreciate some info on how to delete the Facebook App from my Droid. My local Verizon "dealer" wasn't hopeful at all and had minimal knowledge about the phone in general. I live in the Rocky Mountains and just finally gave up my En-V...haha. I feel spoiled and I like my Droid, but after reading your blog, I would rather wipe out the app. Could someone send me some information please...seriously. I'm new and need help... OBVIOUSLY!
  • @boltzmann Try holding ur finger on the icon until it picks up then drag it down to the grey tab about the bottom of ur screen. Tab should turn red and a trashcan will appear...
  • @ Shelby + boltzmann21
    That doesn't delete the app, just the shortcut.
    Go to settings, manage applications, select facebook then click uninstall.
  • What is this facebook inbox problem?
    The Android facebook app does not have it.
    The Blackberry facebook app also does not have it.
    Third party facebook apps on Android (bloo) make it very clear that they cant incorporate it into their apps.
    Something else must be the problem.
    One redeeming feature with the regular android facebook app (on my G1) is that you can shake it to get inbox notifications. You are then taken to the the mobile facebook site.
    By the way N900 widget has inbox notifications. However the widget takes you straight to the mobile site too. Of course on the N900 the browsing experience is on par with a computer so a full fledged app is hardly needed.
  • All you have to do is acsess Facebook from browser and bookmark it and u will have inbox with your choice of full screen or mobile screen
  • I too had a Droid and iphone until about a week ago. The iphone app is much better but I'm glad people here pointed out that it has been out much longer. The major differnces I can tell are as follows. On the iphone you can see friends' info, including a clickable link for email. It will also show all of that users friends if that person permits. Facebook on iphone allows uploading multiple photos to the same album, as well as video. The Droid can do one photo at a time but no video. It is also true there is no inbox within the app on the Droid, and most links and content take you to the mobile site. The fastest refresh interval for the droid is 30 mins whereas the iphone updates instantly. I'm wondering how the Droids facebook app will even get updated since it came with the phone. Did google's developers make it? If so, I doubt it would be an appstore update. We might have to wait for the official app from facebook if there even is one in development.
  • boltzmann21 Says:
    November 21st, 2009 at 12:08 am
    I would appreciate some info on how to delete the Facebook App from my Droid.
    I would also like to delete facebook from my droid. Its clutter. and its retarded. I love my new phone, but hate how it assumes i'm a social network whore like "everyone else". I would really like to delete apps that I WILL NEVER USE.
  • I ditched the droid FB app and use the browser to access it instead. I've read seemingly unbiased web sites that say iphone's fb app is much bettr than droid's so... your overall perceptions are on the right track. BTW, f i could've waited, i woulda waited for the nexus w/ CDMA (verizon). The droid's physical keybd is useless & compromises form factor, dolphin browser is nice but would like to have multitouch everywhere, and I hope the MP3 forward/rewind is improved --- hard to get fine granularity like f can w/ iphone.
  • How to uninstall Touc Site from my iphone 3G!
  • I am a iPhone lover but an AT&T hater. I recently went to Verizon to get better service and ended up getting the Droid... I do miss my iPhone but the Droid is a great subsitute. The apps are simililar but like most individuals have already stated.. Facebook for iPhone has had more time to improve. The Droid app will catch up.
  • Although I know this is an iPhone convo I have both the iPod Touch and the Verizon Droid. I have used both Facebook apps and have to say that currently the iPod one is easier to use and more robust as to the use of the full Facebook features. Not having access to my messages on the go is pretty annoying. That being said, I'm in the "I'll give Android some time to catch up" boat.
  • Does the droid have the chat application for facebook?. I'm just wondering?
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  • It appears you cannot launch them from the Droid app. Hard to believe, I am sure.