Facebook launches new iPhone app that lets you manage ads on the go

Facebook has launched a new app for the iPhone that lets you manage your ad campaigns. Ads Manager lets you view ad results, edit your advertisements, and even create ad campaigns for your small or medium business.

You'll need a Facebook page, rather than just a profile, in order to use Ads Manager. Once you've created a page, you'll be able to create an ad campaign right form the app. You can then view your campaigns, specific sets of ads, or even individual ads themselves, filtering what you're looking at by if it's active, scheduled, in review, and more.

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You can edit your ads from Ads Manager, fixing typos, swapping images, selecting your desired audience, and managing your budget. The app will notify you when your advertisement's run is about to end.

Facebook Ads Manager is available for the iPhone right now from the App Store.

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