Facebook Messenger gets new talking 'Soundmojis'

Soundmojis (Image credit: Facebook)

What you need to know

  • Facebook Messenger is getting new 'Soundmojis'.
  • They're emojis that make sounds and can be used in chats with your friends.

Facebook has today announced that its Messenger service is getting new 'soundmojis' for use in chats.

The company says that every day 2.4 billion messages on its platform feature emojis, and now some of them can talk:

Now imagine if your emojis could talk — what sound would they make? Introducing Messenger's latest feature: Soundmojis. Your chats just got a whole lot louder!

Soundmojis will let users send a short sound clip in your Messenger chat when you use an emoji, such as the clapping or drumroll emoji. There are also audio clips from artists and TV shows and movies including Fast and Furious and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. To use emojis, simply head into the smiley face emoji menu, then tap on the loudspeaker icon where you can preview all the Soundmojis and send them.

Soundmoji Still 3 Up Fb Newsroom En Us

Soundmoji Still 3 Up Fb Newsroom En Us (Image credit: Facebook)

The new library will be updated regularly with new sound effects and famous sound bites. Facebook says that the new soundmojis have arrived "just in time" for World Emjoi Day, which is on July 17, so expect them to go live over the next couple of days.

Also in time for World Emoji Day, Emojipedia has shared some of the next emojis we might get to see later this year in iOS 15. From that report:

Emojipedia has shared some of the new emojis that will be voted on later this year for inclusion in the Emoji 14.0 standard. New additions include Saluting Face, Melting Face, and Coral.You can see many more of the submissions in Jeremy Burge's Emojipedia post ahead of this year's World Emoji Day — set for July 17. People can also vote for what they believe to be the Most Anticipated Emoji as well.

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