Facebook brings better messaging to Pages Manager and better photo support to Messenger

Facebook Pages Manager has been updated to let you view and reply to messages as well as have a little more control over notification. Facebook Messenger has also been updated and now gives more love to photos and lets you quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications.

Facebook Pages Manager now allows users to view and reply to messages, includes insights for checkins, and gives more control over notifications. Now you go turn notifications ON/OF for specific pages that you manage in case you are not concerned about notifications for some of your pages. You can also choose to turn off notification until tomorrow at 8 AM.

I'm very excited about the notification settings, but Facebook has placed them a bit awkwardly in the app. Instead having all notification settings grouped together, you must look at the Settings for each individual page. But this is for turning notification ON/OF for each page. To disable notifications until morning for all apps, you must visit the general App Settings. Confusing.

One of the nice convenient additions of Facebook Messenger is the ability to quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications. You can also include friends of friends in conversations, swipe to delete individual messages from conversations, see who's available when you start a conversation and share big photos with the ability to view full screen and pinch to zoom.

The other Facebook apps, Facebook for iPhone and iPad and Facebook Camera, didn't get any love today. Are you happy with the features that have been added to Facebook Pages Manager and Facebook Messenger?

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Leanna Lofte

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