Facebook Dark ModeSource: SocialMediaToday

What you need to know

  • Facebook is now testing Dark Mode on its iOS app.
  • It says a "small percentage" of global users can access the feature.
  • It means the rest of us might finally get Dark Mode in the near future.

Facebook has confirmed that it is finally rolling out Dark Mode to a very small number of users for testing for both iPhone and iPad.

As reported by SocialMediaToday:

Yes, it's coming.

Facebook has confirmed that some users are now able to switch to dark mode in the mobile app.

Screenshots on Twitter confirmed that Facebook had quietly rolled out the feature to at least some users over the last day or so.

Facebook has since confirmed to SMT that it has indeed rolled out Dark Mode for "a small percentage of users globally right now." Facebook has previously added Dark Mode to Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, as well as its desktop application, which makes it a real surprise we haven't seen the feature on Facebook's main iOS app for so long.

To check you have Dark Mode for Facebook on iOS, simply open the app from your iPhone's (or iPad's) Home Screen. Tap on the menu icon in the bottom right-hand corner (three horizontal lines). Then, scroll down until you see the 'Settings & Privacy' option, which you can tap on to expand. If you've been included in the test roll-out, 'Dark Mode' will be the fourth option after 'Your Time on Facebook' and before 'App Language'.

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It doesn't seem clear whether this is simply a toggle, or if you can customize the app to change with your wider Dark Mode settings for iOS. Regardless, it seems Dark Mode for iOS is much closer to being a reality for all of Facebook's iOS users.

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