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First iPhone 5 teardown crops up online

First iPhone 5 teardown crops up online

If you've been wanting to know what the inside of the iPhone 5 will look like, here's your answer. The folks over at iPhone-Garage have gotten their hands on one a bit early and managed to do what all of us DIY'ers love to do more than anything - tear it down!

Since the iPhone 5 opens from the front of the device instead of the rear like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S you'll notice it's almost a mirror image of what you'd see in its predecessors. The battery cable has switched sides and the logic board will sit on the opposite side.

Besides a larger battery and different cable positions, you'll also notice the frame and back plate are one solid piece which will make it harder to replace than the screen. This makes sense considering Apple may be offering iPhone 5 screen replacements in-store.

Hit the link below for more images.

Source: MacRumors

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  • What we all want to know is.... Will it blend?
  • hahahaha...I totally forgot about that guy
  • it's nice that the front screen will be easier to replace, it makes accidents much less expensive