Facebook Messenger on iPhoneSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Facebook is working on Dark Mode for its iOS app.
  • New screenshots give us a potential look at the feature.
  • It will be able to be set manually or work with your iPhone's settings.

Facebook has already brought dark mode to the Facebook Messenger and Instagram app, but it still has not brought the feature to the core Facebook app on iOS.

A new report from 9to5Mac details what Dark Mode will look like on iOS. The outlet has been able to enable the unreleased feature on the Facebook app and found that the color palette will actually be different than what is currently used for the company's other apps.

According to the screenshots, Dark Mode for the Facebook app will not turn the app into a more black-focused design but instead opt for a grayscale design with white accents on logos and icons.

Facebook Dark Mode 9to5macSource: 9to5Mac

The feature will work with Apple's automatic display settings, so the app will change from Light to Dark Mode automatically when your iPhone is scheduled to do so. Users will still be able to manually turn Dark Mode on or off from within the Facebook app's settings if they wish.

It is currently unclear when Facebook is planning on rolling the feature out to users, as the company is still working on the overall design and details. The design could even change by the time the feature launches and we may end up with a look similar to that of Instagram and Facebook Messenger.