Foxconn factory producing 150,000 iPhone 5 units a day?

Foxconn workers
Foxconn workers (Image credit: Apple)

According to randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes, Foxconn is currently rolling out around 150,000 iPhone 5 units a day. The information comes from industry sources. Pegatron Technology who were thought to have won around 15% of the iPhone 5 manufacturing orders may not start shipping until 2012 according to the same sources.

Lens maker Largan Precision, touch panel maker TPK Holding, reinforced glass supplier G-Tech Optoelectronics and battery vendors Simplo and Dynapack are all operating at full swing currently, the sources indicated.

The iPhone 5 should reach shipment levels of 5-6 million units in September leading to over 22 million units in the fourth quarter. Suppliers will ship a lot less iPhone 4 models in the final quarter; it will probably become the entry level iPhone model. This would follow previous years where the current model becomes a cheaper model with a reduced storage capacity.



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  • I love that "randomly accurate"!
  • You don't have to rush with mine, take your time.
  • i'm on a dieing palm pre and have been waiting since summer of 2010. when i heard rumors of a cdma phone i'd hope sprint would get it with verizon so i waited till Jan of last year. Then they announced only for verizon and i thought screw it i'll wait till the june lauch. Then it was pushed back and now i'm stuck waiting and waiting.
    please apple rush with mine.
  • I just don't want a faulty one, I replace my original iPhone the 24 th of last month and then that one a week and a half later. First issue was yellow bands on the screen, second was iOS 5 beta 7 erasing my eidid and ccid information.
  • Now just think if Apple and rest of the manufacturers moved some of those jobs to the US. Things would be a little better here.
  • Then the price of the product would increase.
  • I disagree, if Apple created their own factory over here, and used the profit Foxcon would have made to substidize the added production cost here, things would even out... And no international tarriffs, taxes and shipping, just reverse the model...
  • A little better with you paying 1.500 dollars for an iphone... Yeah right !
  • There has already been a study that showed you are WRONG. The iphone is already over $500 and subsidized. Therefore, if the phone cost would increase 100 and we pay 50 dollars more, so what? We need to help one another and comapnies need to stop being so greedy. Apple is already making a killing. So what if they make a little less. Keep thinking about self and we all wil all be moving to the 3rd world as a country much sooner.
  • You obviously have never created a job. There's more to it than what it costs to make the product. If you pay an employee $8/hr for a 40hr week, you're paying A LOT more than just the $320 dollars paycheck they are getting. Not to mention all the government regulations you have to navigate (payoffs) to build an "eco-friendly" facility on a site where some greenish-brown ant, that nobody cares about, exists. Oh, did I mention taxes? It's simply cheaper to do business in China.
  • OMFG, did you really take the $50.00 dollars literally. That explains its. As I said, all these greedy companies can afford to add jobs at home. I sure as heck do not see so those people who make the iPhones at Foxconn being Apples target market.
  • Manufacturing will never return to the US as long as we have to pay union scale. You guys simply don't understand the economics of global competition.
    If Apple were to try to manufacture the iPhone in the US, it would cost $2500.
    At the same time their competition would manufacture over seas and be able to sell their smart phone for $1000.
    Who would be the consumer choice? Clearly the competition. Apple would go out of business.
    Profit is NOT a dirty word. It's what allows YOUR company to hire YOU after all...
  • Please read my comment again, not once did I say Union jobs. I say jobs these are not highly skilled manufacturing jobs. However, these are jobs that can that if brought back to the US could pay between at lleast $15.00 dollars an hour. Furthermore, the US is a Republic that breeds Capitalism that is done in a way that is always about greed thats evil. I will always be people making a profit but if we do not bring jobs back to the US we rest of the world such as China will feed off us and grow stronger as they are. That said, I am not saying just Apple many other companies can afford to do the same. I guess thats why 1 percent of the rich control over 90 percent of the wealth. Humm, seen this before in feudal Eurpoe not going to last.
  • Let me be, I take my CISSP exam tomorrow and need to focus so it was nice to dicuss.
  • Apple will never allow those jobs to be in the US because they pay workers over seas $3 an hour vs average minimum wage of $750 an hour in the states so apple can get richer, and on top of that, us poor people who needs jobs and collect unemployment will go out and buy apple products even though we can afford them.
  • I could care what you did oversea's. I am dealing with hear and now in the US. Have you looked at the news or just read the paper and seen the people here in the US who line up for miles as if this is a 3rd world country which is my point. That said, you gotta help home while you are making others rich. You need to think outside the box and become more creative instead of trying to come after me. Move on.
  • When is the Itunes Apple Event??
  • Kinesiska fabriken FoxConn tillverkar 150.000 iPhone 5 per dag.
  • 150K iPhone 5's a day? Talk about extreme output! Hopefully they have enough, because we all know that there's going to be places sold out, probably within a few hours, if not minutes!
  • hell they could ship in 2012 for other markets, other then the U.S. it's not like they are only making phones for the U.S. They could ship those jan 2012 for late January launch in, say China, or Europe, or S. America. So it could be true but not the whole picture.
  • They could split manufacturing in several locations. North American iPhones could all be made in the U.S. European iPhones could be made somewhere in Eastern Europe, all the rest could be made in China. Or, North American and European iPhones could all be made in the US, the rest in China.
    It's a huge mass production. Fixed cost and hourly labor could be efficiently maximized with that rate of production. Just make the factory anywhere in the West Coast or New England--they're closer to container terminals, than having materials travel another thousand miles by train.
  • I keep hearing of the 150,000 per day production at Foxconn as if it was large – it is not. Do the math – even if they made 150k units every day from September 1st through the December 31st, including weekends and holidays, that is less than 19M units (122 days x 150K = 18.3M). If Pegatron does not start shipping until 2012, then Foxconn still has to ramp up to a much higher production rate to have the 22M units in the 4th quarter produced as stated in your article.