FullForce for iPad - Jailbreak app review

FullForce for iPad is jailbreak app that will automatically format iPhone apps to the resolution of the iPad without the distortion of the 2x zoom.  Anyone who owns an iPad knows that all the apps you had for your iPhone will run on the iPad, and you can zoom them in, but they get pretty grainy.  It makes me sad to see grainy apps when the iPad screen is so beautiful. FullForce tries to solve that sadness.

Fullforce works through your settings panel.  You will see a new Extensions section.  FullForce lists all your apps and you can toggle them on or off. There are still compatibility issues with a lot of apps, but for free, you can get some of your iPhone apps formatted for iPad goodness. Some common ones I noticed that format well are Facebook, Beejive, and Reeder. Some I noticed that didn't were games such as Plants vs Zombies and Doodle Jump.

The developers have a running list of compatible apps and issues going in a shared Google docs spreadsheet you can access and edit through Cydia with a Google login. I liked the fact that it formatted Beejive so nicely. I almost bought the $5.99 iPad version (I bought Beejive back with it was still a whopping $16 or so dollars). But this will work just fine for me.

Anyone else here used FullForce on their iPad? What were your experiences and with which apps? Mine have all been good so far. Let us know about yours in the comments!

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Allyson Kazmucha

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