Game of the week: GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport
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Wow. That's the best way I can describe the iOS port of GRID Autosport — and racing games aren't usually my thing.

I knew there was hype around the announcement that was made a few weeks ago, but I never expected such a polished experience to translate to the mobile platform so well. I was glad to be proven wrong, and even though the game costs a decent chunk of change, I wholeheartedly believe it's worth every penny.

Out-of-this-world graphics

There's no beating around the bush, GRID Autosport has some of the best graphics I have seen on an iOS title, and I would argue the best graphics out of all the other racing games out there.

Obviously they aren't nearly as good as its PC or console counterparts, but the textures and fine details of both the cars and the surroundings are astounding. It's easy to forget you're even playing a mobile game just based on the pure beauty of it all.

Cars get damaged, and glass goes flying; go off-roading, and you're kicking up dirt and grass like nobody's business. GRID Autosport goes above and beyond to put attention into small details that make the game come alive. My favorite element that Feral Interactive decided to put in was the use of the haptic engine when you crash, go off-road, or spin out. It's that extra little something that gives you a feeling of being right in the action that had me smiling from ear to ear.

Excellent gameplay with a ton of modes

Graphics aside, the gameplay is dynamite! It's important to keep in mind that unless you're already an expert at racing games, GRID Autosport will be difficult and comes with a steep learning curve. In fact, the game even reminds you that it considers itself a racing simulator and the game mechanics will be very hard to master. Normally this would discourage me, and I would feel compelled to warn everybody about being frustrated; however, the gameplay is so damn fun that even when you suck, you don't really notice. I have been playing GRID Autosport since it launched on Monday and I haven't even gotten close to winning a race, but I have been having a blast the whole time.

On top of gameplay that is rewarding, challenging, and deep, GRID Autosport has so many different game modes — kind of an insane amount. Just from the main menu of the game, you can access five different modes: career, extra championship, custom cup, time trial, and quick race, but if you go into any one of those modes, you'll find even more options for different races, cars, and other treats. There are even quite a few different control settings (all of which are implemented really well), so you will definitely find a driving style you're comfortable with. Plus, it also is compatible with MFi Controllers meaning you can take that console experience even one step further.

Overall impressions

Hands down, I think GRID Autosport is worth its $9.99 price tag. The graphics are absolutely incredible, the gameplay is wildly fun, and the game packs in more modes and features than you can shake a stick at!

This is a must-download for any fan of racing games or anyone looking for a robust and challenging mobile experience.

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