Months after Feral Interactive told us that their port of the popular console and PC title GRID Autosport was going to be delayed until the fall, it seems we are finally seeing our first glimpse of what the racing game will look like on your iPhone and iPad.

Check out the trailer below!

Unfortunately, no official launch date has been announced as of yet, but it appears that the developers are getting prepared to show it off.

Live stream next week!

Feral Interactive announced on Twitter that they will be live streaming GRID Autosport on iOS live on Twitch next week!

I for one am really hoping that November 22nd is when the launch date for the iOS version will be announced. Fingers crossed!

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Hefty system requirements

If you weren't able to tell by the trailer, GRID Autosport is going to take a lot of power to run. The graphics and texture on the title are very high end and because of that, Feral Interactive gave us a rundown of what device you'll need to run it.

For iPhone, you won't be able to run GRID Autosport on anything older than an iPhone 7 and when it comes to the iPad, you'll need an iPad Pro (any model) or the 2017 9.7-inch iPad.

Are you excited for GRID Autosport?

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