If you have a desk job, you may spend a lot of your day sitting, which isn't ideal for your health. Standing is preferable to sitting, but it can be tiring for your feet and legs. Genius Mat anti-fatigue mat has just the right amount of padding, different textures, and even an acupressure roller ball to keep you comfortable while you work standing up. It encourages movement without distraction, which keeps your energy level high.

Genius Mat

Price: $68

Bottom line: Supportive padding, ridges, bumps, and a roller ball keep your feet happy.

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Bumps and ridges
  • Well padded but firm
  • Acupressure roller ball
  • Encourages standing

The Bad

  • Pricey

Foot gymnasium

Genius Mat: Features

The Genius Mat is a roughly square-shaped anti-fatigue mat with raised edges. Just the right amount of padding provides you with a comfortable but stable place to stand. It's not what I'd call plush or cushy, it's more like firm support.

There are a number of features which allow you to stretch your legs and give yourself a little foot massage as you stand. At the front, there are raised bumps and ridges which are quite a nice surface to rub your feet on. There are more ridges at the back of the mat for when you want to stretch your legs behind you. Right in the middle is my favorite part, the acupressure roller ball. It looks like a giant blue marble embedded in the mat. The roller ball is mobile, so it moves around as your rub your foot on it.

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You can use the Genius Mat with or without shoes, though of course if you want to take advantage of the foot massaging features, you'll need your shoes off.

Comfortable standing

Genius Mat: What I like

As someone whose primary job is done in front of a computer, I'm always looking for ways to avoid spending my day sitting. I like to move around to a variety of work stations throughout the day, and I will definitely be including Genius Mat in my standing setup. It's definitely preferable over standing on a hard surface. I wrote this review standing on the Genius Mat, and I feel great.

While I personally am not a fidgeter, I know a lot of people who are. As a teacher, I've taught a number of children who cannot focus while remaining motionless. The Genius Mat offers a pleasant outlet for movement, as your feet explore each bump, ridge, and the roller ball.

Not cheap

Genius Mat: What I don't like

I don't think it's terribly expensive for something with these features, but it may be more than some want to spend for an anti-fatigue mat.

Healthier standing

Genius Mat: Bottom line

4 out of 5

I'm not a doctor, and you'll certainly want to consult a professional to see if a standing workstation and anti-fatigue mat would meet your particular needs for a healthier workspace. But if you are looking to move away from a sedentary lifestyle, or if you already stand all day for work and want to add some comfort, Genius Mat is certainly worth a look. With its firm support, ridges, bumps, and that acupressure roller ball, Genius Mat will give you what you're looking for.

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