Apple could be using AI for iPadOS 17 and Health - and not with ChatGPT's help

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Apple's Health app could finally be making the move to iPad soon, alongside a new app that may be powered by AI that's not expected to arrive for a while.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Health app, which debuted back in 2014 with iOS 8, is finally appearing on iPadOS 17 soon, which could be announced at WWDC 2023, and may also add other health features, such as managing visual and emotional conditions.

But that's not all - Apple wants to use AI for a future app to help users figure out how they're feeling, and what could be done to help them. Allegedly this is done by having them answer questions about their day, and the AI will help determine how they're feeling after a period of time. However, the report emphasizes that this won't arrive for a while.

All of these features feel like an extension of the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch, which prompts you to take deep breaths and reflect on the day just gone. However, these efforts make even more sense when you factor in the iPad.

Health on iPad has been long overdue

Health app on iOS 16

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The absence of the Health app on iPad has always felt like a swing and a miss from Apple - especially since it debuted back in 2014, almost ten years ago.

Most of us have seen the Star Trek series in some way over the years, with scenes that feature Doctors holding what could now be seen as iPad mini devices, monitoring their patients.

Yet it's not possible as these Health features have always been exclusively for iPhone and Apple Watch. Having this on iPad could mean that you can see, not just more content about your health, but more detail on a bigger screen - and that's not even touching on the surface of Health widgets on the iPad's home screen.

But with rumors that you'll be able to use iPad apps on Apple's rumored Reality Pro VR headset, it makes sense that we see Health arrive on the tablet this year, as seeing your heartrate information and more on this device could be helpful for many.

Regardless, we could about to see Apple give an even greater push into healthcare for users, and with what's rumored to be coming this year, it's a perfect time to see what it has up its sleeve to help you and others learn how to take better care of yourself.

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