Get that GTA V iFruit look for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s

The iFruit; a parody of the iPhone used by one of the lead characters in the smash hit video game, Grand Theft Auto V, can now be yours for real. OK, so not exactly, but you can make your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s look just like one with a new skin available to buy in the U.S. and UK.

The skin is supplied by MobileFun, and at just 1mm thick promises not to impede use of your iPhone with any popular case. The vinyl layer essentially sticks to the back of your iPhone, 'replacing' the Apple logo and iPhone text with the iFruit branding seen within the game. It's a bit of fun, especially if you're big into the game. Pricing wise we're looking at $12.99/£9.99

Take a look at the iFruit skin at either of the links below. What do you think to it? Too much, or the perfect GTA V accessory?

Source: MobileFun(US), MobileFun(UK)

Richard Devine

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