iPhone 5 concept designs start up again

Now that iPhone 4S has come and launched, iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling the next generation iPhone), concept designs are once again starting to pop up. This one comes from designer Antonio De Rosa, who created the above iPhone concept and has given it the title of iPhone SJ, as it is Steve Jobs inspired. He imagines it having an A6 processor, a 10 MP camera, and a polycarbonate body. I don't particularly feel that an A6 processor or a better camera are out of the question for the next iPhone.

I don't think polycarbonate would be a bad choice for the body as it's extremely lightweight. It would allow Apple to create an even larger device and subtract weight. I'm not sure I would want a larger screen as that has its disadvantages too. Overall, I think the design is great but I'm not sold on Apple making a larger screen that would inhibit one-handed use. You can visit ADR Studio's site for more images of his design.

Source: ADR Studio

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I like that wallpaper. Anyone know where I can get it?
  • It is for the Galaxy S phone...Looks it up
  • It's called grass, go outside!
    Hahaha kidding.
  • Looks like apples copying samsung now :)
  • um, this is concept art
  • I think that's actually a really nice looking phone. I think Apple could go up to a 4 inch screen without loosing one handed usability and 3.7 inches for sure.
  • I agree with everything you said.
  • I'd buy that, espeically with at least a 4" display. Its one of the few things that have kept me away from getting an iPhone. That, and how great the Gapps are in Android compared to iOS. Give me those two things, and I might be aboard.
  • iPhone 6 until Apple says different. What a silly stance.
  • Imagine the current phone losing it's physical home button and going capacitive leaving more room for display. AAAGH, the phone could stay roughly the same size.
  • Looks nice. I like it. Not sure about a 4" screen. Just below that is fine. Oh and, Apple would never put a logo in the front. Looks weird. Already have one in the back.
  • I really hope apple doesn't give in to all the screen size complaints. I honestly don't see any advantage of making a bigger screen other than gimping my ability to use my iPhone with one hand. I honestly think this falls under the "apple knows what people want more than the people themselves" kinda thing.
  • i got big feet and big hands so I'm good. I want a 4 inch screen. If apple knew what people wanted they'd have made itunes not lag in windows and would have folder monitoring. i'm not an idiot. I was one of those people well before apple made the iphone telling apple they need to make a ipod phone. I don't need apple to tell me what i want. I've been telling apple what he people want well before they knew what the people wanted.
  • +1 to that comment. Apple does what they think people want. Not all people want a little screen and lightwieght with an all glass construction. All glass with a little metal. PERFECT FOR A MOBILE DEVICE, idiots
  • You must wear skinny jeans. Skinny jean wearers and women seem to be the only ones that like the tiny screen.
  • You can only complain if you've used a larger screen. I have small hands and I'm comfortable with a 4.3in screen. Reading on the device is much more comfortable as is playing games because my fingers block less content than before on my iPhone. Watching video is a pleasure too.
  • A bigger screen would be fantastic. Wouldn't have to make the overall device much bigger. There is so much wasted non-screen space on the current iPhones. Ditch the physical button and make it smaller and capacitive like on the Pre/Pixi series. A 4" screen will still easily be comfortable for 1 handed use. I have a Galaxy Nexus with a 4.65" screen and I have no problem with 1 handed use. The GN has a great design with very little wasted space and no dedicated buttons. 'Home', 'Back', and 'Multitask' disappear when not needed. I'm so used to the large screen, now when I use my wife's iPhone 4s I dislike using the tiny screen.
  • Oh sweet! We're reporting on imagination now!
    I imagine that the new iPhone will come with teleport ability, it will have a 25.0MP X-Ray camera, it will drive my car for me if I get sleepy, and it will initially come shaped like a trapezoid, but it's body will be made of a space aged polymorphic material that can be made into any shape you want ("well, you can make a hat...or a broach...or a pterodactyl..."). If you're feeling lonely, Siri 2.0 will pretend to be interested in you, will go out on a date with you, will gladly have a free dinner on your dime, but will then only give you a kiss on the cheek at the end of night, and then won't call you the next day. Oh, one more thing. It will also come with the revolutionary new software called iTax, which will do your taxes for you, but not completely do all of your taxes, as Apple doesn't think you need all those pesky deductions anyways. But the few parts of your taxes it does do, it will do very well, and users will gladly accept the IRS Audit and tax penalties that will come as a default for using the software, just to say they are using the newest, latest & greatest Apple product.
    Ok, TiPb, where's my published article and check for my story?
  • Wow. Im not a big apple fan bit wow. What are you talking about?
  • Kevin, these blogs have been reporting on design concepts for years; it's interesting to see what ideas people come up with. There's absolutely no reason to be a jerk. If you aren't interested in the subject matter, then don't read the article. How many times do people need to be told this in the comments?
    Maybe there needs to be a notice under each headline in bold stating "if you don't like articles that deal with x,y, or z, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! Perhaps it should be double the font-size of the headline itself.
  • It's called sense of humor. I think Walmart had cases on sale this week.
  • I would buy that iPhone 5 in a heartbeat.
  • It wont be anywhere near that thin with an LTE radio in it.
  • Allyson, I think you are in the minority as far as screen size. Why do you think just about every other device out there has a 4+ screen? The iphone screen is too small. If Apple released the iphone 5 with the same tiny screen, it will be a major fail.
  • This phone is way too thin... I can't see how you can fit a 3.5mm headset jack.
  • Actually, the antenna band is the same thickness as the current model. If you look at the dock, and the headphone jack, then to be of the correct scale, this thing would be at least an inch wider than the iPhone 4S. It's more of a tiny tablet than a bigger phone.
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  • Very nice design. I purchase directly if it comes out.
  • i know it's wishful thinking, but i'd really much appreciate it if apple just stuck with the same design as the 4 and 4S
  • Has anyone had any joy finding this wallpaper?