Grab yourself an iPhone XS and get a second one free

iPhone XS
iPhone XS (Image credit: iMore)

Need a new smartphone for you and a friend? Don't want to be paying a fortune for both of them... forever? Right now at Sprint you can buy one iPhone XS 64GB phone and get a second one for free. This deal requires you to sign the phones up on Sprint's Flex Lease. If you don't have someone to share with now, maybe you can find someone for a deal this good!

The Sprint Flex Lease program is an 18-month commitment. You'll get charged a monthly bill for the cost of the first phone, which comes to around $37.50 a month, but you'll get a $37.50 credit for the cost of the second phone, essentially making it free. That credit gets applied within two bills. At the end of the Flex Lease, you'll have a choice to return the phone and upgrade to a newer model or pay off the rest of the phone (usually six months of payments). Of course, by then, there will probably be a new deal on a newer model of the iPhone that you can then take part in.

The deal requires two new lines of service or one new line and one upgrade. You'll also need to have approved credit. If you want to upgrade the capacity, you'll have to pay an upfront cost of $150 or more depending on how high you go. The colors available are Gold and Space Gray.

When he first reviewed the iPhone XS back in September 2018, Rene Ritchie called it The Best and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. The followup review seven months later found the phone was just as good as ever.

John Levite

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