Gravity Blanket vs BlanQuil: Which should you buy?

Both the Gravity Blanket and BlanQuil are soft and do the same thing in terms of providing weight therapy to help one get a better night's sleep. For the average person, $250 is a hefty chunk of change, so we'd recommend the BlanQuil because it's more affordable. But if you have the money to splurge, then the original Gravity Blanket just can't be beaten.

The only real difference is price

Honestly, looking at both products, they're very similar to each other.

Yes, they're both made from super soft materials that simulate getting hugged by a fluffy bunny (we think). They both have tiny, weighted beads inside that are for "deep touch pressure stimulation," where it applies pressure to points on the body linked to sleep, mood, and relaxation. This causes increased levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, and less cortisol (stress-causing hormone).

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Header Cell - Column 0 Gravity BlanketBlanQuil
Weight15, 20, or 25 lb.15 or 20 lb.
Weight evenly distributedYesYes
Removable DuvetYesYes
Machine washableDuvet onlyDuvet only
Blanket washableHand washHand wash
Color optionsSpace Gray, Galaxy Blue, Moon IvoryGray, Taupe, or Charcoal ($30 extra)

Despite the price difference, the Gravity Blanket and BlanQuil have more in common than you think. Both of them include the duvet cover that protects the blanket itself from getting dirty, but it's optional to use it. The duvet itself is machine-washable, but for both blankets, due to the pellets and beads inside, you'll have to either dry-clean or hand wash the blanket itself. This is why it's recommended to use the duvet that both come with, to save you from the hassle of dry-clean or machine wash only.

Gravity Blanket also comes in three colors, but they're all the same price at $250. BlanQuil is $169 only for the Gray or Taupe colors. If you want the Charcoal (comparative to Gravity Blanket's Space Gray), then there's the $30 premium, similar to how Apple marked up the Space Gray Milanese Loop for Apple Watch when it first came out.

As you can see, there are very minor differences between the Gravity Blanket and BlanQuil. If you need the heaviest option, then Gravity Blanket has you covered on all fronts, but it comes with the premium price tag. For everyone else, BlanQuil should do just fine, and you'll save yourself about $80 (or only $50 if you get the Charcoal color). Compared to normal blankets, weighted blankets definitely help you sleep better, and that's why we prefer the BlanQuil, as it's much mre affordable.

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