Apple hasn't even officially announced their next iPhone event, much less their next iPhone, but iMore members are already debating the pros and cons of sticking with what they have vs. upgrading to what's next.

Every year for the last 6 years Apple has released a new iPhone. So, perhaps it's no wonder that the iMore community is already hotly debating whether, when it finally becomes official, they'll upgrade to the brand new iPhone 5s - or lower-cost iPhone 5c - or stick with their existing iPhone. Is it too soon to even think about? Is it the best time to start preparing? What's the right answer and for whom?

I myself just upgraded recently from an iPhone 5 16 gig ( dropped in toilet without insurance ) to an iPhone 5 32 gig and I'm quite happy about it. But the little kid in me still wants the latest and greatest even though it's probably not necessary
Dennisgarcia, iMore forums member

There's a healthy number of folks out there that aren't concerned about how much of an actual upgrade the new hardware is, they'll upgrade every year without fail. A good friend of mine falls into that category. Every year since the very first iPhone was launched, whatever opinions he has of the new hardware or features, the latest model has always fallen into his hands. And it's like that for a lot of people. Those of us excited by Apple products, or just by technology in general will often crave the latest and greatest, for no other purpose than being on the bleeding edge.

I'm not due for a full upgrade till Sep. 2014. I don't want to waste a partial upgrade on a refresh only, therefore I'll either keep my iPhone 5 or get the unlocked 5S version direct from Apple when it"s released
Irish Rose, iMore forums moderator

The opposite end of the scale we have people who who only ever upgrade on a 2-year cycle. They either skip the S models, because they aren't a big enough upgrade, or wait until the S models, figuring all the kinks have finally been worked out. (Or may it just depends whether the iPhone or iPhone 3G was their first!) There's some sense in that. After all, the phone you have one year won't start to suck the next just because a new model is released. (Especially considering how well the new version of iOS typically runs on the past year's iPhone.)

I have the 4S. I'd have to see what comes out next before upgrading, as I'm pretty happy with what I have.
impaler, iMore forums member

It's actually surprising to see just how many people have already made up - or at least claim they've already made up - their minds for sure, despite having seen no official details on the next iPhone. There will though always be people who are happy to ride it out, and to wait and see what the event brings before making up their minds. But generally, we all seem pretty decisive.

If my budget required a cheaper phone and the iPhone was still the only phone to meet my needs, I wouldn't be opposed to getting the 5C.
Irish Rose, iMore forums moderator

Let us not also forget; there may be another way. The iPhone 5c may not be as exciting a prospect as the iPhone 5s, but if it does exist, it has to be an option worth considering. It's sure to be an upgrade in some respects to the iPhone 4S at least, and for the right price, could it tempt those of you still stuck in an iPhone 4S induced contract to head out and purchase a new iPhone outright?

This is a discussion that will go on right up until we see the next iPhone, and will likely intensify further just after. We're certainly interested in how you feel right now, and we just might be coming back to you after the announcement to see if your decision has been changed by what you see. Drop a vote in the poll and your thoughts in the comments below, but be sure to head on over to the iMore forums too and join in the discussion.