Hotel Tonight for iPhone and iPad review

Hotel Tonight is an iPhone and iPad app that offers awesome last-minute deals on hotels in 12 countries and over 80 destinations. It features a gorgeous design that does a great job of showing off the amenities of the hotels.

Instead of a boring list of locations with just text and maybe thumbnails, Hotel Tonight features long strips of beautiful photos to represent each location, and when you tap on a location, the list of available hotels are displayed as little stacks of photos.

When viewing a hotel, a collage of photos of the destination are displayed. You can scroll around indefinitely to view all the photos in different sizes, or tap on an image to view them full screen.

I recommend not browsing through Hotel Tonight unless you're actually in need of a hotel; otherwise, be warned that you may fall prey of the gorgeous presentation and plan a last minute getaway.

The good

  • Gorgeous design
  • Exclusive low prices on incredible hotels
  • Same-day, fast and easy bookings until 2am
  • Great deals each night in a growing list of cities
  • Book for multiple nights
  • Deal selection is limited so they can negotiate with hotels to get you the best rates possible
  • 24/7 real-person customer support via phone or email.

The bad

  • Crashes often

The bottom line

If you're planning a last minute trip somewhere, Hotel Tonight is a fantastic app for booking your hotel. They have a good range of average to upscale hotels to fit any budget.

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • Love this app! Used it for a night stay in Chicago. Quick and easy to book and I even had a $25 credit so my room ended up being super cheap! Definitely recommend it!
  • Nice man! I recently moved to Las Vegas, and besides the big Hotels I don't know what to recommend when my friends come to visit. This should help me.
  • Wow! I will have to check this app. I have many friends that look for rooms in different cities all the time. I never understand why they don't book in advance. This will definitely help! Thanks for the review!
  • This is a sexy app
  • I want to stay at The Out NYC but its so expensive.
  • Awesome APP for people who are on the go, plan last minute trips, who forget to book a hotel, who need a staycation, or who just want to save money !! Use Promo Code GEDRA for $25 off your first booking, so then you save even more !!
  • Awesome App!! I love that you can see the EXACT hotel you're booking... and all of it's amenities with pictures! (Even the pet policies are listed, which is a huge plus for a dog parent!) I've used it a couple times and have had great rooms every time. Hello, $25 to stay in Vegas last minute? Some hotels even let you book multiple days! I've also stayed at the Red Lion on the River in Portland for only $66 using this! PLUS, They even give you $25 off your first booking... Use the promo code: CCOOLIDGE3 to get $25 off!
  • I love this app. I've stay at 2 hotels in Orlando and 1 in New Orleans. The hotels were awesome. The best deal I've ever found for a hotel hands down. You can use promo code Bgrant25 for a $25 credit off your first booking.