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What you need to know

  • Google Maps has added support for toll road pricing.
  • Drivers will be able to see how much it will cost to drive on a toll road before setting off.

Google Maps has added support for toll road pricing, giving people more information about how much it will cost before they get to a road that requires a toll to drive on.

The Google Maps update was announced via forum post and will be available on almost 2,000 toll roads across the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Google does say that more countries are coming soon although it doesn't say which ones, or how soon they'll be added.

Toll roads are a fact of life depending on what part of the world you live in and how much you travel. But knowing how much a drive will cost ahead of time can be handy, and that's what Google is helping with here. Google also says that it will offer intelligent pricing based on what day it is and more.

You'll see the estimated toll price to your destination before you start navigating thanks to trusted information from local tolling authorities. We look at factors like having a toll pass or not, what the day of the week it is, along with how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time you'll be crossing it.

Those who drive on roads that use toll passes will also be able to enable and disable prices based on whether or not they have one, while those who just want to avoid such roads entirely will continue to be able to do that within the app's settings.

Google Maps has long been one of the best iPhone navigation apps available in the App Store and it's always promising to see such an app continue to add features after so many years. Toll roads aren't something many of us deal with on the daily, but that can also make information like this all the more important when we do come across a journey that requires driving on one.

If you don't yet have the Google Maps app installed, you can download it for free from the App Store today.

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