Best answer: To most accurately measure your heart rate, you should consider a heart rate monitor you attach to your chest. Because these type of products are attached close to the heart, they are more accurate than wrist-based monitors. There are three of these monitors you should consider.

What heart rate monitors do

Heart rate monitors for the chest use a wireless sensor to detect your pulse electronically. In doing so, it sends this information to a receiver where it displays your heart rate. Chest-based monitors, which attach with straps, are the most accurate since they are closest to the heart. Others you can find on the market attach to your wrist, which can measure your pulse but aren't as accurate as those near the heart.

What features to look for

At the most basic level, chest-based heart rate monitors perform similar tasks. They are designed to give you continuous, average, high, and low heart rate data. More premium models also include GPS receiving capabilities to help you keep track of speed and distance, plus elevation and navigation functionality.

Why collecting this data is important

Exercise isn't solely about the distance or time you've traveled. The intensity of the workout is also important. Heart rate monitors allow you to track this intensity and then offer suggestions on what you should do to achieve your fitness goals.

For example, heart rate monitors can use the information they track to tell you when to slow down or speed up to maximize weight loss.

Our pick

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

Real-time tracking you can use

The Wahoo heart rate monitor allows you to train with or without your phone and still collect the data. The device can operate for up to 12 months before needing a new battery.

Also worthy

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Includes GoPro compatibility

The Polar heart rate monitor offers GoPro Hero camera compatibility, allowing you to overlay your heart rate data onto your recorded video. In doing so, you can see how well you perform during your workouts.

Consider this one too

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

Comfortable fit, efficient results

Use the heart rate monitor by Garmin to monitor your progress, no matter the sport. Use this data to get healthier in real-time.

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