iPad App Store updated to include search filters, install buttons

Looks like Apple has made some changes to the App Store on iPad, including adding a slew of filters and will even let you know if any of the resulting apps are already bought/downloaded by giving you a new Install button.

New filters include Category, Release Date, Customer Rating, Price, and Device, as well as a Reset Filters option. Since App Store, like iTunes is really just an app-wrapped, internet powered, WebKit UI Apple can make all sorts of changes without having to wait for a new iOS version to ship. Usually these are just content features, banners, etc. (or the addition of Ping...) but it's nice to see new functionality sneak in every once and a while.

Also new, if you've already bought or downloaded an app but it's not currently loaded on your iPhone, you get an Install button instead of the usual Buy button.

Andrew also noticed that if you leave a search to go to Featured or Top Charts, etc. and then tap the search field at the top right, you're whisked right back the previous search results, sans keyboard.

So what do you think, welcome new features?

[Thanks Peter and Trevor!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • The "installed" buttons are not new.
  • No, the installed buttons are not new, but the "install" is. Usually if you deleted an app earlier and want to go back to re-download it, it shows up as "buy", which can be confusing at times if you've downloaded a whole slew of apps before.
    This new feature is a nice way to quickly check and see that it's already purchased in your account instead of making a guess to see whether or not you need to roll the dice and buy it again to determine whether or not the purchase was already in your account history.
  • Not showing up in the UK
  • So wish I had an iPad....
  • Thank you a very informative blog Free iPhone
  • This is a very welcome feature, it will save me buying apps which i thought i already bought.
  • Very happy to finally see the "install" button featured like this, hope it comes to iPhone and iTunes soon. Lame old Sony has been doing this on their Playstation Network for almost five years now.
  • That's sweet. So dang sweet!! Now I can login to friends accounts to find out what I can get for free :D
  • VERY! welcome feature ive been wanting something like this for a long time now i hate buying an app that i already thought i had paid for. ive been using app shopper to help with what ive bought but seems i dont need that anymore :)!!
  • for some reason i dont see this yet on my wife's ipad, and im in the US.
  • REALLY like this feature. I agree, I wish this was in iTunes, I hate having to try to add to the wish list or having to search my email to see what apps were purchased.
    But at least I can see it through the iPad app store. That's something, at least. And is a sign of things to come! :)
  • TiPb Team,
    I just thought that I would let you know that not only does the iPad App Store now include Install buttons, it also includes Update buttons on the App's page if the app is already installed but needs updated. I still prefer the Updates page, but this is a nice touch for the App Store.