Best calculator apps for iPad

If you use your iPad for more than just gaming and Facebook, then you need tools that can keep up with your workload. For some strange reason, iPad has never shipped with a calculator app. Whether you need something rudimentary or something that's capable of complex, scientific functions, we've got your covered.

Check out these great calculator apps to help you stay productive on your iPad.

Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro is easily the best calculator app for iPad because it supports multitasking, so if you're doing your research in a browser of choice or you're writing a math-heavy paper, you can simply slide in Calculator Pro, perform your calculation, and continue on with whatever you were doing in the other app.

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Calculator Pro turns into a big scientific calculator in landscape mode, and you can change the theme to some fun or more reserved alternatives. There is a paid version that gets rid of ads and adds a Today View widget, but if you don't care about either of those, then stick with the free version.


PCalc is one of the most robust calculator apps around, and if you're an engineer, chemist, into any other sciences, or need to deal with some heavy expressions, then PCalc is where it's at.

It features buttons and options for advanced calculations, as well as an optional RPN mode and a rich history that you can edit and change. You can undo and redo, and it even supports hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator really lends itself to the iPad format because it turns handwriting into digital calculations. It's perfect if you want to quickly scribble out some basic math or if you want to lay down some serious functions, and typing would just slow you down (Apple Pencil, anyone???).

MyScript has a great, friendly user interface, an easy-to-learn layout, and it's intuitive. You can pop in parts of an equation and MyScript will fill in the blanks — you just add question marks for what you don't know. It's really cool and could be used as an awesome teaching tool for kids.

The Calculator — Free and Easy Calculating!

If free isn't good enough, try a simple and elegant user interface, all the scientific buttons you could ask for, and a built-in currency converter. The Calculator has over 98 thousand reviews in the App Store and maintains a 4.5-star rating.

It features a built-in currency converter, supports scientific functions, and has over 70 themes for you to choose from (see — math can be fun!). If you need a calculator for any and all occasions, then The Calculator is the way to go.

Spotlight search

The iPad might not have a built-in calculator, but it does have a built-in calculating function that's handy for quick equations and conversions. It's Spotlight Search! Go ahead, swipe down from the top of your screen and type "2 + 2" in the search bar. Sure enough, the answer's there for you.

Spotlight Search will also follow the rules of BEDMAS if you need to perform some more complex calculations, and if you need to know how many Canadian dollars in a U.S. dollar (hint: too many right now), just type in an amount, like $3, and it'll come up with results.

By your calculations

What's your favourite calculator app for iPad? Sound off in the comments below.

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