Luna Hdmi Lifestyle CloseupSource: Astropad

What you need to know

  • The popular Luna Display is now available for Windows PCs.
  • PC users can now extend their desktop onto an iPad just like Mac users.
  • Dongles are available in USB-C and HDMI configurations.

Fans of the popular Luna Display from Astropad can now use it to extend their PC display onto their iPads for the first time — just like they could extend their Mac\s previously.

The change comes thanks to an updated Luna Display 5 as well as new hardware. The standard USB-C dongle is still available and can be used with either PC or Windows devices. But now there's an additional HDMI option that's designed specifically for Windows users — their machines come with HDMI, see. Hopefully our new mini-LED MacBook Pros will, too!

The new update was announced yesterday along with an explainer for how things now work.

The changes aren't just about adding Windows support, either.

Use an iPad as a second display for your PC! We completely rearchitected the apps to support both PCs and Macs, and added a new Luna Display HDMI unit.

  • Luna Display for Windows is available in two port types: USB-C or HDMI
  • USB-C units are compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Current USB-C users: Upgrade to Luna Display 5.0 to use your unit on a PC or Mac

Along with Windows support, this update also brings significant improvements on the Mac side: Users with M1 Macs will experience a faster setup flow.

Luna Display has long been one of the best Mac accessories around. Now you can check it out on PC, too! There's more information, and a celebratory launch discount, available on the Astropad website now.