iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 given the ‘Will it Blend’ treatment

Love them or hate them, every year Blendtec tests out its latest power blender against the latest tech toys. Normally we don’t have to wait very long for the latest iPhone to get the treatment; last year it was on launch day and the blending managed to upset quite a few folks who couldn’t get their hands on one for whatever reason. This year we have had to wait a few weeks since launch and it’s done a bit differently to normal. Blendtec has pitted the iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It's time for Tom to get a new phone. So which one should he get? The new iPhone 5, or the Samsung Galaxy S3? You know how he will decide. Which blends best.

As you would expect, both phones end up as a pile of dust; such a waste of expensive electronics. Having said that, it is a great marketing initiative by Blendtec, at the time of writing, the video has already received over 106,000 views and was only released yesterday. Not a bad way to create interest in your blenders for just the cost of a couple of phones.

Source: YouTube


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