iPhone 5 appears in Korean carriers inventory system but only in 16GB and 32GB flavors?

Here we go again, another day another iPhone 5 rumor. This time, 9to5 Mac has received an alleged screen capture from KT’s (Korea Telecom) internal stock inventory system. The screen shot clearly shows SKU’s (stock-keeping units) for AIP5 which we assume stands for Apple iPhone 5 followed by a number.

The number appears to represent the GB capacity of the iPhone 5 however we are widely expecting that a 64GB version would be released this time; but there is no mention of it. What is even more confusing is the third model in the screen capture; it appears that this is an iPhone 5 without any storage capacity? 9to5 Mac believes that this is a carrier unlocked model.

Before we lose all hope of an iPhone 5 64GB model, these SKU’s are just place holders and it may be a case that Apple is keeping the specifications under wraps until it is officially announced. I know a lot of people who are pinning their hopes on an iPhone 5 with 64GB of storage. Personally I have a 16GB version and it still has a few GB remaining.

[9to5 Mac]


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