iPhone 5, budget iPhone 4 get rumored for China Telecom

Sohu.com has a report up saying China Telecom, China's third largest mobile carrier, will not only be fielding the iPhone this year, but two new iPhones. We're fairly sure an iPhone 5 is coming this fall, and we've heard for a while now an iPhone nano/budget iPhone might be coming with it. (Two new iPhones in one year? I'll have to call Phil and ask how to deal with that many reviews!)

“According to Sohu.com, China Telecom will offer two types of iPhone that include the iPhone 5 and a ‘simplified iPhone 4,’” says White. “Essentially, this potential ‘simplified iPhone 4′ would be a more economical version of iPhone to target a broader customer base in developing countries such as China, allowing for an expanded market opportunity.”

Apple already owns 66% of mobile profits with one fairly high-end phone. If they get the second, more economical phone (on carriers with plans to keep those costs down), especially for new smartphone adopters and emerging markets, they could push that already astronomical figure even higher.

[Sohu via AllThingsD]

Rene Ritchie

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  • OK enough already...
    The iPhone 5 will be here when it gets here. I know it's your Super Bowl moment. I know it's the only time in the year you get to brag on new hardware (blame Apple, get them to make more choices), & you get to say we are the shiny new kid on the block.
    At the rate these rumors & fluff are going, if the next iPhone doesn't have LTE, NFC, dual core 2 Ghz A7 processor, 64 GB of built in memory, 5" screen, TV mirroring, 12 MP backside illuminated Carl Zeiss lens on the camera, front facing 3 mp camera, all while having the same build quality of iPhone 4 and weigh less than 4 oz the world may end!
    These rumors are just that... Rumors. Quit giving them attention & wait for the official word from the iSteve.
  • Budget iPhone 4? DUMB! If you cant afford an iPhone, you cant afford an iPhone... simple as that... stick with that Android crap LOL
  • Apple has stated that they want more people to be able to own iPhones. Apple is about making money and producing quality products and the iPhone 4 is a quality product. A rehash of these phones running iOS 5 at a reasonable price allows more people to own iPhones and allows Apple to increase its marketshare.
    For example if you have a family of 4 and you want to get everyone smart phones, you are more likely going to buy 4 Android phones with late 2010 - early 2011 level specs that are priced at less than 100 dollars than 4 iPhones that are priced at 200 dollars a piece. I know the iPhone 3GS is available at AT&T for 49 dollars but that is an old phone. If a budget iPhone with iOS 5 is available at 50-100 with a contract (350-400 off contract), Apple gains 4 new customers.
    If you live in South America, Asia, Australia, or Africa, you have to buy a phone off contract and a 350-400 dollar iPhone can compete with the budget Android and Blackberry Curves. Apple is thinking big picture.
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    Android Skype App 2.1 – Skype Enables Video Calls on 17 More Android Phones
  • I'll get all three;) $<3
  • This makes more and more sense : a 4s (for 'simple') without Retina display to replace the 3GS that has done it's duty a new flagship 5 model with a larger screen and last but not least the current Iphone 4 that drops 100$ for those who do want to have the Retina but don't fancy a (too) large screen. Where is the problem ?