The iPhone 5 can really take a fall

No sooner had people got their hands on the iPhone 5 did they gleefully chuck it to the ground to see how well it could take a drop. Two impact tests are already showing that the iPhone 5 is a tough little cookie, thanks in no small part by the lack of a glass rear like that on the iPhone 4 and 4S. One test puts the iPhone 5 against Samsung Galaxy S 3, while the other shows the front face of the latest iOS device can handle scratches just as well as drops. It's worth noting that other reports suggest the rear backing is prone to wear and scratching, however. It looks like the only real way to shatter the front glass is by purposefully spiking the iPhone 5 on the ground, though I'm sure it depends entirely on what kind of ground your dealing with and the point of impact.  

Gaze ye upon the wanton destruction of finely-crafted gadgetry, and cringe. 

Have you ever seriously busted up your iPhone from a drop? How satisfied have you been with iPhone build quality up until now?

Source: iFixYouri, Android Authority, MacRumors

Simon Sage

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