iPhone 5 fully dimensioned design drawing available for all to see

If you are a case maker then Apple usually provides you with a detailed design drawing of its iPhone models. This time however the link to the design drawing has been made available to all and it reveals some interesting information on the iPhone 5 design. We don’t know if this is intentional by Apple or if it is in error but it’s interesting none the less. Not only do they reveal all of the exact dimensions for the iPhone 5 but they provide detailed information on how to build a case for it too.

You can clearly see on the design drawings that Apple has now moved the proximity sensor to right by the earpiece and the ambient light sensor and camera are now positioned above the ear piece speaker on the front panel. On the back panel you can see a larger gap between the camera and the LED flash. Right in between them you can now see the additional microphone that Apple added with the iPhone 5.

Again on the back cover, you can clearly see the two areas that contain the iPhone 5 radios. There is a note on the design drawing which states that this area must not be obstructed with anything metallic; we assume that this would greatly affect signal strength. The date on the drawing is 9/12/2012 so we again assume that this design drawing was made available to case maker’s right after the announcement of the iPhone 5. You can see the full drawing by clicking the link below although we are not sure how much longer it will remain public for.

Source: Apple{.nofollow} via @joeljohnson


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