More iPhone 5 metal back, 4-inch screen, NFC rumors

Adding more -- if decidedly similar -- fuel to iPhone 5 rumor fire, China Times is reporting that trial production has begun on the device, and that it does indeed have a 4-inch screen, metal back/chassis, NFC (near field communications), and perhaps an improved antenna and dual GSM/CDMA support. All this packed into pretty much the same form factor as iPhone 4.

They claim, however, it will only ramp up production in Q3, 2011 (July to September) which would be later than Apple's typical summer release schedule.

Are the rumors getting steady enough that you're starting to believe this is what we'll see in the 5th generation iPhone?

[China Times via GadgetDNA via MacRumors. Note: Image above shows aftermarket iPhone 4 metal back conversion]

Rene Ritchie

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