iPhone 5 part leaked,looks like it may have a larger screen?

A supposed image of an iPhone 5 part has appeared on Chinese reseller’s website. The image in question looks like the digitizer panel for the iPhone 5. The design is similar to the one used on the current iPhone 4 however it appears to have a larger screen. These assumptions however are not scientific as no measurements have been released with the image.

The main point to note, if indeed this turns out to be a real iPhone 5 part, is the much thinner bezel on the sides. This would correlate with previous rumors that the iPhone 5 would have a screen right up to the edge of the device. This would allow Apple to increase the size of the screen without increasing the devices overall dimensions dramatically. Other rumored specs include a processor bump up to the A5, a tapered rear panel and of course a retina display.

We don’t know if this is a real image but the same source claims more part images will be released very soon; either way it is nice to have some iPhone 5 rumors instead of all the recent iPad 2 leaks!

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